Gastrointestinal Review

Ross & Pawlina (6th ed.), Plates 54-64, pgs. 606-627
Ross & Pawlina (6th ed.), Ch 17, pgs. 568-604, Gastrointestinal Tract

Follow the bolus

For each of the unknown slides below try to identify the region of the GI tract:

Unknown 01  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 02  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 03  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 04  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 05  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

bonus question: is this specimen a CROSS section or LONGITUDINAL section? ( [Answer] )

Unknown 06  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 07  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 08  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 09  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 10  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 11  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 12  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 13  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 14  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 15  [DigitalScope] (note: this is a biopsy specimen, but there is enough tissue to be able to tell the organ) [Answer]

Unknown 16  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 17  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 18  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 19  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 20  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown 21  [DigitalScope] [Answer]


GI Glands

Unknown G-1  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown G-2  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown G-3  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown G-4  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown G-5  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown G-6  [DigitalScope] [Answer]


Additional unknowns (tissues from the GI tract that won't be studied in this course and therefore will NOT be on the midterm or the final exams, but it will be useful to be able to recognize them when you study pathology)

Unknown A-1  [DigitalScope] [Answer]

Unknown A-2  [DigitalScope] [Answer]




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